TOP photo sites in Venice (Part 2)


• Choose the right time of the day; lighting and illumination of the square and its surroundings is always changing.
• If you want a picture without people, then get up early! You will be surprised at how many photographers you will meet on the way. Be sure to include famous Venice landmarks in your foreground or the middle ground composition element.
• In case of rain or flooding, use water as your reflection surface to capture unusual pictures of places
• The best time for taking amazing pictures is during the sunrise (the whole square is illuminated)
• Be patient and wait to get a clean composition for your photo
• For some panoramic pictures of Venice, go to San Marco Tower

Positions and description

Position to take picture of:
1) San Marco Square – wide view of whole square
2) St. Marco Cathedral – front view & famous clock with horses
3) Panorama view of Venice – San Marco Tower
4) Doge’s or Dukkati palace
5) River bank of San Marco Square with famous Gondolas & Venice church in behind
San Marco Square and the surrounding area is one of the most iconic places in Venice, recommends famous Eleventy Traveler Blog. It’s hard to find a postcard from Venice without a shot of San Marco Square, or at least some type of detail shot from this location. Some general advice is to watch for the light. Try to be there at sunrise or at least during sunset. Sunrise is preferable over sunset, because the whole square receives perfect morning light. During sunsets, most of the square is filled with hard shadows. Sunrise is also the best time if you want to take a photo without people in it.

On the square, you will find many of the iconic buildings and details that Venice is famous for, so be patient and walk around to find new ideas for your photos. Don’t forget to include some of the typical elements as your foreground, middle ground, or even background composition elements. If you combine morning or evening light with San Marco Square, you will be sure to capture some AMAZING pictures.

How to take photo on each of defined location:

Use a wide lens, as the square is at least 200m in width and the building (San Marco Tower) is more than 100m tall.

If you want to include people, then use an aperture setting of F-8 or F-12 and focus 1/3 from your focus point to get everything in focus and still maintain a sharp image.

Use a tripod and a long shutter speed (30s+) to remove people from your pictures, or take multiple pictures and combine them in post-processing.

We also recommend that you use “normal” lenses, starting from 35mm upwards. With 35mm range you will not be able to capture the whole square, but you will be able to keep perspective and show the Cathedral at its proper size.

From this position, you can also capture the building arches that surround the square as your framing tool.

Get there early for less of a crowd or no crowd at all.


Wide lens recommendation

Tele lenses for detail shots

Bring a tripod if you want to remove people or take pictures in a low light situation.

Use ND filters if you want to manage the difference in shadow and open lightening