TOP photo sites in Venice (Part 2)


• Choose the right time of the day; lighting and illumination of the square and its surroundings is always changing.
• If you want a picture without people, then get up early! You will be surprised at how many photographers you will meet on the way. Be sure to include famous Venice landmarks in your foreground or the middle ground composition element.
• In case of rain or flooding, use water as your reflection surface to capture unusual pictures of places
• The best time for taking amazing pictures is during the sunrise (the whole square is illuminated)
• Be patient and wait to get a clean composition for your photo
• For some panoramic pictures of Venice, go to San Marco Tower

Positions and description

Position to take picture of:
1) San Marco Square – wide view of whole square
2) St. Marco Cathedral – front view & famous clock with horses
3) Panorama view of Venice – San Marco Tower
4) Doge’s or Dukkati palace
5) River bank of San Marco Square with famous Gondolas & Venice church in behind
San Marco Square and the surrounding area is one of the most iconic places in Venice, recommends famous Eleventy Traveler Blog. It’s hard to find a postcard from Venice without a shot of San Marco Square, or at least some type of detail shot from this location. Some general advice is to watch for the light. Try to be there at sunrise or at least during sunset. Sunrise is preferable over sunset, because the whole square receives perfect morning light. During sunsets, most of the square is filled with hard shadows. Sunrise is also the best time if you want to take a photo without people in it.

On the square, you will find many of the iconic buildings and details that Venice is famous for, so be patient and walk around to find new ideas for your photos. Don’t forget to include some of the typical elements as your foreground, middle ground, or even background composition elements. If you combine morning or evening light with San Marco Square, you will be sure to capture some AMAZING pictures.

How to take photo on each of defined location:

Use a wide lens, as the square is at least 200m in width and the building (San Marco Tower) is more than 100m tall.

If you want to include people, then use an aperture setting of F-8 or F-12 and focus 1/3 from your focus point to get everything in focus and still maintain a sharp image.

Use a tripod and a long shutter speed (30s+) to remove people from your pictures, or take multiple pictures and combine them in post-processing.

We also recommend that you use “normal” lenses, starting from 35mm upwards. With 35mm range you will not be able to capture the whole square, but you will be able to keep perspective and show the Cathedral at its proper size.

From this position, you can also capture the building arches that surround the square as your framing tool.

Get there early for less of a crowd or no crowd at all.


Wide lens recommendation

Tele lenses for detail shots

Bring a tripod if you want to remove people or take pictures in a low light situation.

Use ND filters if you want to manage the difference in shadow and open lightening

TOP photo sites in Venice

Dukkati palace or Doge’s palace
Information and Tips About Location
The best time by far to be there is at sunrise (September-March). If you are there at the right time and have a nice sunrise, the shadows of the crosses on the building are illuminated in yellow. Once you see this in person, you will be blown away!

Play with the shadows, which the morning and evening light will provide.

Try to capture some movement (people) between the Dukkati palace arches.

Look above and take shots of the details, as well as those small statues that are all over palace.

Use the Doge’s palace as your foreground element and try to combine a picture with the San Marco Tower or the statue with the lions as your main focal point.

If you have time, we also recommend that you visit the museum at the Doge’s palace. It is one of the best museums that you can find in Europe.

• Use a wide lens if you want to combine San Marco Tower and other elements in one picture.
• A normal lens and a few steps back will give you a picture with very interesting perspective distortion.
• A Telelens will give you the option of capturing the details of the palace exterior.
• Tripod – in sunset or sunrise light

River bank of San Marco Square with the famous Gondolas
Information and Tips about location

From this location, you can take two iconic shots of Venice.

The first position will give you the perfect place to take pictures of Venice’s famous gondolas. This is a parking spot for gondolas so you are able to take a picture with repeat patterns and plenty of fascinating gondola details.

The second iconic shot at this location is the island where the church of San Giorgio is located. There is no postcard of Venice without the San Giorgio church on it.

If you combine both elements with nice light, you will definitely get an amazing shot, perhaps one of your best from Venice.

Be there at sunrise, as the whole riverbank and the Dukkati (Doge’s) Palace are perfectly lit with almost no dark areas. Be patient if there is no sun and watch for equally beautiful changes in the cloud color.


• Tripod – this is essential here, especially if you want to show movement in the gondolas or take pictures during sunrise and sunset lighting.

• A second option is to use a higher shutter speed (high ISO) to capture the free motion of the gondolas.

• Use a normal or wide lens to include as many gondolas as possible, as well as their surroundings

• No need for a telelens.

• Use an ND filter to extend your sunrise or sunset shooting time.

Photo tips. Which is your favorite subject?

These photo tips will cover a wide range of subjects. Whether it’s wildlife, travel photography or digital sports photography you will find a wealth of information in these pages.

You can find subject matter for your photography almost anywhere you look. However we must start somewhere so let’s start out by discussing three of the most popular subjects, in no particular order.

More subjects will be added on a regular basis but these first three are the ones that interest most people.
· Travel photography.
· Digital sports photography.
· Wildlife photo tips.

These cover a wide range of interests from vacationing and family activities to scenic and action shots. So let’s get right into it and ask that all-important question.

What peaks your interest?
Exactly which subjects are you really interested in shooting? Perhaps you love to travel and would like to be able to produce some dynamite photos of your adventures.

Travel photography is a great subject. Everyone does some amount of traveling and photo opportunities can present themselves at a moment’s notice. You must be ready for them.

Another subject that is becoming very popular in sport photography. Almost everyone is interested in some form of sports.

It may be that a family member plays on a team or perhaps you are simply interested in fast paced action. There is a lot you can accomplish with this subject because of the sheer numbers of different types of sports.

There is always a sporting event going on somewhere close by and the opportunities are endless. This particular subject can cover indoor or outdoor activities and spans all four seasons of the year.

Perhaps wildlife photography is your thing. The chance to get out in the fresh air, do some hiking and shoot the wildlife that presents itself draws in many photographers.

It might be a nature trail or a camping trip for students that peaks your interest. Learning about wildlife in different regions and being able to document it in photos can be a very powerful incentive.

Wildlife photography isn’t just for nature trails and camping trips. Keep in mind all those great venues such as live butterfly collections, bird kingdoms and especially your local zoo.

The ideas are really endless and you can produce some fantastic photos of wildlife from the exotic to the domestic, from the small cuddly bunnies to the largest ferocious beasts.

Related to wildlife is landscape photography. This popular subject is more than just pointing your camera and shooting. There is a lot to consider when you are planning a landscape outing.

Some things to consider are the season, time of day, whether the location is forest, mountain or desert. Perhaps you are going to shoot shorelines or geographical formations. The point is there are truly an infinite number of situations that can occur.

With the rise in popularity of digital photography there has also been an increase in family photos. One of the most popular forms of family photography is that of the household pet. As full-fledged family members photos of pets at play and their portraits now adorn the walls of our homes and pages in the family album.