Developing Your Personal Brand For Your 100k Job Search

Personal branding is becoming more important than ever, especially when it comes to your next 100k job search.

Your personal brand is how you are defined and seen in the marketplace for employers. Compared to a few years ago your current search will put you up against a lot more competition, which means you must work extra hard to differentiate yourself. Today personal branding means much more than a well thought out resume and dressing up for the interview. Be creative and find ways to make yourself stick out from the crowd.

Personal brochures are a personal branding and marketing tool that have been around for years in the real estate industry. Consider instead of just a plain old resume a glossy color brochure with photos. Items you will want incorporate include a personal bio and highlights of your career.

Careful thought should be put into every word you use from your verbal introduction to the words in your resume and how you answer questions in the interview. Verbal branding can also be incorporated into your email address, phone number and anything you create. Obtaining a vanity phone number and creating a new email address can go a long way when it comes to job search. Expand your vocabulary of successful words, avoid negative ones and become aware of how much they can affect the outcomes.

Consider writing several articles on your industry or starting your own blog to show off your expertise in your field.

Being able to show off your articles that you were able to get printed in the paper or got published on reputable websites can showcase you as a professional that is in demand and whose opinion matters. It is really not that difficult and will be something that you can use for 100k job searches for years to come. Other options may include speaking engagements or being featured on the news if there is something relevant to your industry going on or a new development that you can comment on.

If you are currently pursuing new opportunities (aka unemployed) this is the perfect time to also indulge in unpaid work that can boost your personal brand as well. This does not have to be limited to volunteering and charities but can also be consulting for big name companies or new cutting edge ventures which will look great on your resume.